Stream video directly to healthcare professionals when life and health are at risk

  • Call the emergency number
  • Receive SMS and open link
  • Point the camera on your mobile phone toward the person or the accident

Aspit Response is designed to give emergency personnel important visual information during an emergency call. The solution is very easy to use, intuitive for both personnel and the public. It saves valuable time and ensures that healthcare professionals get a good picture of the situation as quickly as possible. Aspit Response enables healthcare professionals to communicate with everyone via video and ensures better and more accurate assessments and treatment when every second counts.

How it Works

During an emergency call, the operator can send an SMS to the caller with a link. When the caller opens the link, the camera on the phone starts streaming video directly to the operator. The phone call continues uninterrupted and the speakerphone function on the mobile phone is activated.


  • The solution requires no software installation
  • Healthcare professionals have access to direct video stream in a web-based user interface
  • The caller’s position with GPS coordinates is shown on a map for the operator
  • Share live video with other health professionals
  • Possibility to use both cameras on the caller’s mobile phone
  • Login with security level 4 for operator
  • Protection of privacy and security according to the GDPR regulations

Coming soon

  • Timeline showing estimated time of arrival for emergency personnel
  • Continuous update on the map showing the location of the caller and the position of emergency medical personnel in rout.
  • Automatic detection of heart rate and oxygen saturation
  • Direct editing / marking of important events in video stream
  • Possibility of censoring sensitive information in video